Freaker Feet 127 American-Made sock designs

The sock market is about to get freaked. Freaker USA which caught the country's attention with its wild beverage insulators and even wilder appearance from founder Zach Crain on ABCs Shark Tank is bringing its special brand of irreverence to socks with Freaker Feet. And its going to bring jobs back to the US in the process by sourcing and manufacturing domestically. Freaker Feet's bold and playful sock designs, which will charm even the most conservative wearer of argyles and solids, will be produced 100% by American cotton growers, mills, dyers and packagers. With designs ranging from a cheeky tribute for each of the 50 states to the colors of all professional football teams to officially-licensed collegiate designs, theres a USA-made Freaker Feet sock design for all sensibilities. To start production on Freaker Feet, Crain is returning to Kickstarter his 2011 launch video for Freaker USA was hailed as the holy grail of Kickstarter videos by the crowdfunding site to raise money. Zach makes his case for homegrown socks with a 6-minute tour de force video. The goal: $250,000 to help take the leap into mass production, putting our countrys toes into bold new socks, and putting more Americans back to work. Please let me know if youd like any further information, to set up an interview with Zach Crain, or if you would like us to send you a care package! Thanks so much for considering coverage! https:www.kickstarter.comprojectsfreakerusafreaker-feet-127-usa-made-sock-designs All the best, Lauren Krakauskas cell: 910-547-6637


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