GEKKO- Magnetic Trivets That Move With The Pan

Anybody who spends any time in the kitchen knows that moving your pots and Trivets to the table gets to be annoying. You don't want that heat mark on your nice table, but you don't want every meal to be buffet style. With GEKKO Magnetic Trivets, take your pot/pan off the heat, set it on the GEKKO, and the GEKKO moves with the pot or pan straight to the table. Actually anywhere you go until you remove the GEKKO. Inspired by the reptile, the idea of the magnetic trivet is that they move with the pan. Clinging on wherever you go. Coming in eight different color variations, the GEKKO is fit to match any kitchen or pot and pan set. GEKKO Trivets come in pairs, as the small Trivet can be removed from the larger Trivet and used on its own.


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