Wavy Shelving

The Wave Cubby Storage shelves by Sprout feature a unique wave design inspired by nature, that adds a modern architectural element to any space. The wave pattern follows the shape of a sine wave, which is seen in ocean waves, sound waves and light waves. The unique wave look is accomplished by repeating a sequence of just 4 different cuts of wood: 2 cuts for the vertical wave and 2 cuts for the horizontal wave. The waves are created by starting with piece 1, followed by piece 2, then an inverted piece 2 and an inverted piece 1. This pattern is repeated until the desired length or height of the shelves is reached. To minimize waste, the curve of each pair of pieces match up, or nest, so they can be made from one rectangular piece of wood with one curved cut down the middle. The shelves feature patent pending tension lock technology, which cuts assembly time to less than 10 minutes and eliminate the need for any tools or hardware. These joints make it easy for the shelves to be disassembled, stored or moved, and reassembled without damaging them. The cable support across the back of the shelves is inspired by modern architectural supports used in skyscrapers. It adds to the modern architectural look and provides maximum support while adding minimal weight. The shelves come in two sizes: 5x5 and 7x7 and can be filled with the Sprout cubby bins or anything else.

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