Apartment at Opra by Alia Bengana

Apartment at Opra is a house located in Paris, France, designed by Alia Bengana. The plan was to emphasize the contrasts between the dark entry hall and the light living spaces, which face southwest. The entry hall was then made into a sort of darkroom, painted entirely in midnight blue, with a piece of art on the halls back wall that is made of two lenses, through which one can see the living room upside down, like in a camera obscura. A flowing funnel effect has been achieved by putting a closet wall diagonally in the hallway, which hides the laundry room and utility closet. On the other side of the piece of art is a little door with a mirror that transforms the piece into a sphere when it is closed. This clever work called trap was made by Mexican artist and architect Meir Lobaton.

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