KyooDock : The Versatile Minimalist Dock for All Smartphones and Tablets

Charging cords, they are always in the way and they are always getting ruined. Then, we go to the store and to get a new one is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Keeping your charging cord organized and protected is the number one priority for KyooDock, the minimalist dock for all smartphones and tablets. Plug your phone or table charging cord in to the wall, then run the cord to the KyooDock. KyooDock will secure the charging cord and give your phone a nice dock to sit on and charge. Not only is the KyooDock functional, but it is also very aesthetically attractive. Keep it on your desk, nightstand, or in the kitchen. KyooDock can be used with microUSB, 30 pin, and lightning cables. It is wide enough to support a tablet, but small enough to not look out of place. Set up the dock in minutes and have a great angle for video calling as well as charging.


Materialized by

Robert Lawrence

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