Efneo 3-speed Front Gearbox Eases Bike Commutes

Those who commute on their bike each day know one thing, a simple, enjoyable ride can make an incredible difference for the miles spent on two wheels. Often times, people agree that the front bicycle derailleur is the most disliked part of their bike. There's now a sleek solution to replace that awkward front derailleur. Efneo has come to the rescue with a 3-speed front gearbox. This gearbox makes riding and shifting gears a much simpler and quicker process. Efneo gearbox is dedicated for all kinds of bicycles, especially a cityurban bike, for trekking, hybrid, folding, recumbent & trike. For those that have an e-bike with a rear wheel engine, the Efneo Gearbox is also ideal. With the Efneo Gearbox bikes still look clean and cool, and riding gets easier.

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