New European Travel Concept: GPS Guided Vespas

Barcelona is welcoming the latest trend in adventurous travel: GPS navigated Vespas for ultimate freedom on two wheels. The Vespa has long been the daily travel method of choice for all Europeans alike, buzzing through narrow streets and chaotic back roads full of street vendors and lingering pedestrians. Now the experience is brought to travellers who want a little taste of the European life. Vesping is the new innovative group based in Barcelona that specializes in scooter rentals that are guided by GPS navigation systems. Unlike other scooter rental agencies, Vesping is one of the first to introduce the GPS system. Now avid travellers are able to plug in as many destination points as theyd like, get on and go. A new trend in travel, it is being enjoyed by the most curious and adventurous of vacationers who appreciate the freedom it gives them. And with the diverse sightseeing opportunities that Barcelona has to offer, riders can scoot from the beach to the city center to admire the Gaudi architecture or an early evening cocktail in one of the citys many rooftop terrace bars.


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