Top Style for Womens Motorcycle Helmet

Motorbiking is no longer just a man's sport as women take to the streets as well in this adrenaline-rushing activity. Speed is the name of the game and safety goes hand in hand. But there is a new found interest in the aesthetics of the sport: from upgrading the look of the bike to sporting the latest motorbike gears by the top designers and producers. Safety just got a lot trendier with this latest model of ladies motorcycle helmets by Italian brand Premier. This latest model features a retro design, taking inspiration from the world famous Monza International Track, where it gets its name from: Monza Vanity 9BM. The intricate design on the helmet features a vibrant fuchsia set against a bold black color, maintaining the femininity with a pattern of roses climbing the side of the helmet. Helmets by Premier are based on three fundamental characteristics: aesthetics, technique and economical consideration. In addition to a fashionable design, the helmet is made from the highest quality materials: carbon, dyneema, vectran, and epoxy resins for the outer shell and Lexan for the moulding of the visors and components. Security meets style for women on the race track.


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