Vaping: the new trend thats getting a little flavour

Vaping may just be the newest word in our English language these days, or the newest trend at least. It talks about those who are e-cigarette enthusiasts, puffing away on the safer alternative to the classic cigarette. It has become the latest craze among people of all ages, and has opened the door to one big luxury: flavors. Companies like FlavourArt specialize in flavor creation for e-cigarettes. Strawberry, coffee, caramel or honey, they are now becoming an integral and furthermore decadently enjoyable part of the puffing process. Vapers have come together over their shared passion for the pastime, and adding flavors to the mix has been a way for this community to bond and discuss their shared pleasure chatting about different tastes. The internet has been inundated with this new fad, and there are in fact several blogs dedicated to the subject. FlavourArt makes all of their flavors in house in their warehouse in the North of Italy. More than just a growing start up, the team is composed of technical experts and avid vapers themselves, all with one thing in common: a passion for flavors.


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