How to Extend the Battery Life of Your E Cigarette

Your e-cigarette can be your best ally in your quit-smoking journey. It is understandable that to change a habitual behavior, you need time. This is not a matter of concern with the use of e-cigarettes. You can use it as long as you need, to replace and eliminate your bad habit. Of course, to get the most of your e-cigarette, and to use it for long period, you have to take proper care for it and the parts from which it's consisted, including the battery. The lifespan of the e-cigarette battery mostly depends on the way you use and maintain it. This said, with proper use and regular maintenance you can extend the battery life. It is a fact that the lithium batteries used for powering e-cigarettes can be recharged from 200 to 250 times. It is the average expected life of the battery. Did you know that you can extend the lifespan of your e-cigarette battery, for double the expected charging. Yes, you can prolong the life of the battery up to 400 charges, and all that with minimum effort and care. Here are few of the simple but yet effective tips that will help you prolong the usage of your e-cigarette. Put the Battery in Use Just like a machine would break if not used regularly so does the battery of your e-cigarette. This type of lithium batteries are designed for everyday use. This is why the constant flow of energy trough the cells of the battery is vital for its proper functioning. Simply said, the more you use the battery, the better the flow of the power in the cells will be. Keep the Battery on Proper Place The place where you keep the battery when not in use, has significant impact on its lifespan. Keep the battery away from direct sunlight, heat and water. If the battery is exposed to one or more of these environmental factors, it is very probable that you'll have to replace it very soon. Don't Let the Battery Drain Completely Using the battery until it's totally drained will most certainly impact its lifespan. It is recommended to plug the battery into the charger when no less than 50% of its power is used. This is the ideal timing for charging the battery that ensures its long-term usage. Do Not Overcharge the Battery Unless you are charging the battery of your e-cigarette for the first time, unplug it from the charger as soon as the battery is fully charged. Overcharging brings nothing good for the battery, on the contrary, ti can reduce its life. Connect the Battery to the Cartomizer Only When in Use The cartomizer is the heating part of an e-cigarette. When the heated customizer comes in touch with the lithium battery, it drains its power. It is not a matter of a significant power loss, but no matter how small power drainage might be, it's proven to reduce the life of the battery. Keep the E-Cigarette Clean The regular cleaning of your e-cigarette is vital for the life of all of its parts, including the battery. To protect the battery clean the contacts of the battery with the rest part. It is especially important to keep the contact place between the battery and the cartomizer clean from dirt and moist. Otherwise you increase the likelihood of your e-cigarette battery to be ruined.


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