This Autumn: You Should Wear Clothes Like That

The temperature drops a little these days. We can obviously feel the dry crisp wind and coolness of autumn. So, the short sleeves are not available for this cool season. We need to put on our long -sleeve blouses and thin coats. Here is some matching tips that I want to share with you. Firstly, white blouse with brown short pants. The style is full of fall atmosphere. In addition, select a fringed shoulder bag and gladiator sandals in matching or near-matching color to your pants for a more seamless look. Secondly, The thin coat matches with skinny jeans. It can easily highlight your figure and accentuate your leg length and make you look taller and slimmer. But the most important thing is you should choose light-colored coat and dark jeans. It will fortify the color contrast and its good to boost the visual appeal. Thirdly, the striped top and ripped jeans. The style doesnt need more introduction. Classic, comfortable and simple, it fits every occasion. With a pair of pointed top pumps and black handbag, it can instantly promote your feminine aura. Finally, the short denim coat matches with white tight pants, this Korean style is filled with youthful vigor. With a tattoo necklace, it can increase a sense of fashion and break the monotony. It will be a good choice for Autumn.


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