Birthday Jerk Balloons

Lets be honest were all beating around the bush when it comes to birthdays. We lazily post memes on each others Facebook walls, begrudgingly buy our birthday buddy a drink or two and scribble our names at the bottom of some greeting card company's warm and fuzzy message. It begins to feel a little dishonest after a while. Fortunately, you can now tell your friends how you really feel about them while still participating in the age-old birthday rituals thanks to our Birthday Jerk Balloons. Use this special milestone to remind your friends that they're old, immature or just relatively annoying. They'll get the message there's truly no room for misunderstanding. Utilizing playful colours, wonderful typography and careful designs, the final result is a birthday decoration that looks great no matter how much it stings. Really, there's no better way to be blunt than with a balloon.


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