Great Grabz Signature Series HORIZON TEAK Grab Bars

Burmese teak, the name alone conjures up imagery of exquisite elegance and organic richness. We are proud to present the Great Grabz Signature Series Teak bath safety bar collection. One can appreciate the discovery of true versatility in grab bar design. Horizon lets you mix and match to create just the right look for your dcor. Choose from a wide selection of bars and mounts that includes our ever popular Signature Series. Select from 5 metallic finishes for that classic look that never goes out of style. Considered the finest expression of decorative grab bar design and favored by luxury resorts worldwide, the Signature Series offers the ultimate designer's touch in terms of beauty, usability, and durability. Interchangeable grab bars and mounts can be combined to create a unique look for that special designer bathroom.


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