Focusing on Backlit Stone Designs Decor

Focusing on Backlit Designs In contrast to slab or laminated materials like Onyx, Quartz, or other crystalline substances our core material - RSV Real Stone Veneer - is 3-D flexible and can be used around any shape or size project that is conceived to attract major attention. Our team is equipped to deal with any backlit project from conception to completion We want to be your one-stop shop! If you have ever worked with Onyx you know how cumbersome a project can be. DESIGN LIMITS like having to work with a rigid one dimensional slab or laminate will inhibit creativity. WEIGHT ISSUES and having to plan for sufficient supports which will increase project costs dramatically. MAINTENANCE ISSUES can be a nightmare particularly when the lights go out behind the Onyx leaving it as a pretty dull surface. Getting to the lights can cause major headaches and expenses. We are not even talking about damage issues and consequential replacement of major parts. INSTALLATION and heavy duty equipment necessary which can create serious obstacles. EXPENSE. Well lets just take a recent project where Onyx incl. lighting, installation, etc. was quoted at around $ 17k whereas our project costs ended up at less than $ 4k. Our product is lightweight, can be designed any way you like, easy to handle and includes all components necessary for the installation. Check out our website for inspirations and send us some specs of your project.


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