3 Design Ideas for 3-Foot Closets

Stuck on how to design your small closet? Weve put together a few of our favorite, simple reach-closet design ideas to get your organizing inspiration flowing. Here are three closet configurations that can help maximize storage in a three-foot-wide space: 1. Create tons of storage space in your reach-in closet with this triple-hanging plus shelving option. The double-hanging section is perfect for keeping shirts and slacks organized, while the tall-hanging section provides convenient storage for long or medium-length clothes such as jackets, dresses, skirts or shirts. Adjustable-height shelves provide surface area for storing purses, folded clothing, shoes, boxes, and more. 2. A well-designed organizer makes vertical space work harder in a small closet. Hanging storage space is doubled when two clothing rods are used, while shelving provides a wide surface for keeping folded items, shoes or purses organized in your closet. The rods and shelves can be custom-cut to fit the dimensions of your closet, allowing you to utilize every inch of space. 3. Create room for shoes, boxes, folded clothes, linens, and more with a shelving-focused storage system. A versatile design allows you to easily modify the closet as your needs change. Simply move the shelves up or down or add more shelves for additional storage. A tall shelving tower like this one is perfect for linen closets, spare closets, and home offices. All of these closet systems are completely customizable and can be upgraded with a variety of accessories. Ready to start designing your reach-in closet? Get started today!

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