Afteroom Bench by Afteroom

Afteroom Bench is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designers Afteroom. Afteroom Bench is yet a supplement to the Afteroom Chair, constituting the same concept a tribute to Bauhaus and functionalism; reducing the amount of material to a minimum and enhancing the aesthetic appearance to a maximum. By changing the backrest into a plate, the result is more than stylish. The side tray is easily reached by users for placing small objects such as books, cups or bags while resting on the bench. This interconnected tray and bench was born with the simple life in mind: it can be used in hallways, cafs or any other public spaces. It is a unique piece of furniture which will definitely catch everyones attention in spite of its simplicity. The luxurious side of the furniture is increased as the leather is supplied by the premium manufacturer, Srensen.


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