Yard tools, gardening supplies, hoses, and toys you name it they tend to accumulate and create unsightly piles in the garage. Are you ready to get your garage in ship-shape and make it more than a place to park the car? Start with these organizing ideas to help transform your garage into a presentable, usable space that can benefit everyone in the family. 1. Move items up and off the ground. Spare your garage floor from pile-ups and keep your belongings clean and dry by storing them up and off the ground. Cabinets help keep items protected from the elements and conceal clutter, while a slatwall system with adjustable hooks, racks and baskets provides easy accessibility and plenty of flexibility to add and rearrange as needed. 2. Create an activity or hobby area. Designate an area in your garage to work on what you love most, whether its gardening, woodworking, or even crafting. Include a counter top as a primary work surface, and cabinets for storing cleaners, chemicals, or bulky items; anything you want to accessible but hidden from view. Organize your small tools and supplies in drawers or on wall hooks and racks, keeping your work surface clear and clutter-free. 3. Make it easy to go green. Situate a space right outside the door to store and organize your recyclables, bottle returns, and reusable grocery bags. Placed in a convenient location, its simple to access and easier to remember the next time you head to the store. 4. Keep the dirt outside and spend less time inside cleaning. Practice the habit of shedding shoes before entering your home. Shelving inside garage cabinets is a great solution to keep shoes up and off the floor while concealing clutter for a clean and orderly appearance.


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