How to Make an Upcycled Vintage Cast Iron Claw-foot Bathtub Sofa

This amazing cast iron vintage clawfoot bath can be transformed into an upcycled vintage sofa couch. The bathtub is surprisingly comfortable; after all, its designed to have people lounging in it! No matter the condition of the bathtub, you can transform it into a conversation piece couch that is as practical as it is funky. Step 1: Start by outlining a cut out on the edge of the bathtub. Step 2: Cut out with an angle 4.5 inch cut-off wheel on an angle grinder. This puts enormous strain on the grinder, so work slowly and carefully. Wear gloves, protective clothing, goggles and a face mask. Step 3: Sand down any rusted areas and clean cast iron bathtub surface prior to painting. Step 4: Paint the bottom of the claw-foot tub with Krylon paint. When it is completely dry, turn the tub over and pain the interior. Step 5: Sand and paint feet separately. Step 6: Place a cushion in the bottom of the cast iron claw-foot bathtub sofa


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