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Cherry Charcuterie Board with Mulberry Lily Pads by David Stepan

A magnificent and large art charcuterie board. The warm Cherry board measures about 47" x 21" x 1" and growth ring trunk sections of Mulberry are embedded, surreally floating in a lily pad composition. The mulberry tree was blocking the light coming into my shop, one of many on my property grown from seeds dropped by birds, so I removed it. I cut the trunk into growth ring slices, drying the trunk sections, whereupon they split open like lily pads, demanding this composition. I feel the Mulberry is living on here. This is a functional charcuterie board, intended to be enjoyed in service. Imagine artfully presented tapas, woven into the composition, or a grazing feast brought out to your friends. The board is to be wipe washed with soap and water never submerging, and then reoiled olive oil is fine to protect it. The back is drilled for hanging portrait or landscape, and it returns to the wall, as art.


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