Pictar probably the best phone camera grip ever

We all know that iPhones have excellent cameras. When it comes to taking a photo, an iPhone can produce high-quality images, but it isnt very ergonomic and simply doesnt compare to the steady grip and functionality of a DSLR. Pictar the revolutionary iPhone camera-grip by miggo was designed to address the iPhones shortcomings, and gives users an experience thats way more natural, comfortable, and with better results. By simply sliding an iPhone into the Pictar body, users are suddenly looking at a real camera, with a decent grip and wrist strap for one-handed shooting and most important five external controls which operate key settings right at their fingertips, just like a DSLR. Pictars external controls let users take great pictures with one hand, even wearing gloves ! and include a multi-state shutter button with a half-press for locking focus, zoom ring no more pinching the screen!, selfie button to change between front and back cameras, exposure compensation wheel which can also be programmed and changed from its default setting to control other features, and a customizable smart wheel to control numerous functions on the fly. To round off this great invention, Pictar has a standard tripod mount on the bottom of the device, and a cold-shoe on top for connecting a LED lighting accessories or a microphone for added creativity and control. Pictar communicates with the iPhone via a dedicated camera app which unlocks key features inaccessible on the native app to iPhone users. Each of the physical controls on Pictar drives a specific function or setting and does so using high-frequency dual tone sounds. This patented, revolutionary interface significantly saves battery power compared to standard Bluetooth connectivity.

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