Artful Interiors

When designing interiors, art should never be an afterthought. When chosen carefully, the right wall art can enhance and unify a space, add instant beauty and refinement, as well as reflect your personality. But if you are unsure about giving art a prominent role in your design plans, here are 3 tips on picking pieces that coordinate with your current space and provide harmony and appeal. 1. Focal Point - a basic design principal, which every room requires and a role art easily fulfills. Whether its a single painting or a gallery of photos, consider both the size of the artwork and the area it is to occupy in order for them to reinforce each other. 2. Colour Splash - contemplate paint choices based on your art. Choose a neutral background for existing works to stand out. Alternatively, select shades from inspirational illustrations to incorporate into your decor for use in accents to bring the space together. 3. Final Touch - the element that completes a space, art is that little extra, taking it from functional to finished. When obtaining artwork, ensure it complements existing styles, is varied in nature different types, materials and textures add interest and is something you love. You will spend years admiring it if you do! For more photos on this topic visit our blog.


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