GIR Grinder: The First Freshness-Sensing Smart Portable Coffee Grinder

The GIR Grinder is a portable high-performance coffee grinder that monitors the freshness of your coffee beans. Make great coffee, anywhere. Features: Made for busy folks. Not only does it tell you when youre running low on beans, but it goes the extra step. With a patent-pending IoT-connected sensor array, the GIR Grinder learns to detect the freshness of your beans and can auto-replenish when you need more! This is seriously smart coffee. Equal parts beauty and brain. The undeniably stunning design will turn heads in an otherwise boring consumer category. With ceramic conical burrs, a stepless grind adjustment, and zero-waste direct bean drop, this grinder will make even the biggest coffee snobs smile. High performance AND battery powered. Not only is it smart, but its portable. With high performance LiFePo4 batteries holding power for weeks, you can make great coffee anywhere. Literally. Set it and forget it. The GIR Grinder connects to Amazon DRS and roaster subscription services for a reminder or auto-replenishment when your beans are running low. Have a favorite grind setting? Itll remember that too.


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