Hottest peppers in the world- Know more

If youve been wondering, what is the hottest pepper in the world; Youre one step closer to finding out. What do you normally use hot peppers for? Well, it seems like theres more than just one use for it. Apart from the usual norm of using it to add spice to make the food taste more delicious, parents would actually use it as a sort of punishment. In order to instill discipline they would blow the smoke from the hot peppers into their childrens eyes. Now do you know why we have pepper spray? Sound familiar, doesnt it? Over many years hot peppers have found their way into becoming the heart of almost every spice and every dish. Hot mustard, hot sauce, hot curry, all contain hot peppers. For some hot peppers in food becomes a sort of competition while for others its seen as just a spice, adding the necessary flavour to their food. There seems to actually be a calculated method of measuring the amount of hotness that can be consumed. A man named Wilbur Scoville created a universal scale by which one could judge the hotness of peppers. According to this scale, the amount of capsaicin found in spicy food is taken into account. It seems that Carolina pepper is the hottest with Ghost pepper and Red Savina coming in at the second and third spot for the hottest peppers. You wouldnt want to use Carolina Reaper unless youre very used to eating spicy food.


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