Sostanza - not just a pencil

Sostanza is an object that combines the effortlessness of a traditional pencil with the versatility of a lead holder. It's composed of only two pieces, the lightweight body and the external ring that slides up to lock the lead in place. Handcrafted from natural wood and precious materials, the ergonomic design is perfect for those in creative fields. Its simple natural beauty exudes warmth and inspires both writers and artists alike to produce expressive lines while maintaining a constant graphite feed. Production of the Sostanza is done entirely in Italy using small scale production runs. Specialized woodturners from Vicenza work on the body while goldsmith laboratories in Valenza produce and handfinish the silver rings. Wood from Pear, Mahogany, Eastern black walnut, and Ebony trees are sourced from around the world, and paired with silver rings with an assortment of coatings. Sostanza is warm and natural. It is a wooden pencil that will never end: when the graphite gets consumed, just inserting a new one will give the object another life. Intuitive and easy to use, Sostanza proves how a simple object can be beautiful and work well with very little.


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