28 Words You Should Use to Avoid Sounding Like Everyone Else

Words. Theyre all around us. Theyre the sole way we have of understanding and conveying ideas, of comprehending others, of reaching out to other humans and touching them, moving them, and changing them. Words more than anything are what differentiate the human animal from the ones in the forest. You may even be seeing words right now. Despite all this, our species seems hell-bent on destroying the beauty and music of language with truncations, acronyms, l33t sp3ak, and whatever mauling our text conversations can cause. In the modern era, we mostly leave words and ideas bloody and broken by the side of the road, wrapped in a stained prom dress, whimpering for salvation. To help you become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, wed like to invite you to expand your mind and your vocabulary with 28 words you should start using right now.

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