Dopp Kit Hero: What to Pack in a Shaving Bag

The dapper dopp kit is a timeless tradition that few people honor. Since Charles Doppelt invented these hardy, handy pieces of luggage for GIs fighting Nazis in WWII theyve been a necessity for men, and have been adopted by many travel-savvy women. Forget about packing up your bottled water in a bug-out bag for the zombie armageddon, nuclear war, or Kardashian Kongress that is never going to come. A quality dopp kit is your real-world survival stash. Its how you stay clean and sexy on the road, so learn to pack it up properly. Weve collected a complete list of everything you need in a good shaving kit so youre ready for whatever quaffing disasters life throws your way. We give you all the dopp kit essentials.


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