Tamarit Apartment by RAS arquitectura

Tamarit Apartment is a minimalist house located in Barcelona, Spain, designed by RAS arquitectura. The project takes place in a long, narrow and stately apartment whose faade connects to the access street via an elegant bow-window and to a large but not very attractive interior courtyard through a gallery. In between, 140 square meters to resolve more or less conventional housing requirements. Two key strategies drive the design as a whole. The first is that there are no hallways between rooms; they connect directly via an enfilade of sorts. This gives rise to a series of intermediary spaces that lack a defined code or function, which transforms them into potential play, reading, storage rooms, etc. These spaces which serve as a backbone to the dwelling dont even feature doors, and their partitions fall short of the ceiling, making them, as it were, rooms within an original container space.

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