21 Kitchen Gadgets Under 20 Designed To Make Food Easier

Anyone who likes to do a little flambe at home or whip up a nice roux from time to time knows that the white room with the magic cooking boxes is a financial black hole. We could spend hundreds of dollars every year in the kitchen and all of it would just go up in flames, down the drain, or into our gullet. Spices alone cost as much as that Maserati we dont have, and thanks to all the pots and pans, our kids are going to be lucky if they get to go to a state college. But the truth is, even more than the bedroom, the kitchen is the pleasure center of most households. Therefore, we plunk down the cash happily for a chance to get that sugar high, that beef rush, or that gyrofeeling? So that you dont make the mistakes we have in the past, weve drummed up 21 gadgets for your kitchen that cost less than a Tubman $20, yet work like they cost, you know, way more.

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