Modern Bike Rack BIKA, Made from Canadian Pine With Positive Environmental Impact

Any time we hear or read about forest devastation, whether its due to natural or man-made causes, we feel a great sense sadness. A situation of this kind has arisen in British Columbia in the forests of Canada. Due to unseasonably warm weather as a result of climate change, an uncontrollable infestation of mountain pine beetles has wreaked havoc on the trees in the provinces rural areas. At last count, upwards of 18 million hectares of forest have been attacked. For context, thats as much as 1.3 million football fields, with only an increase in the number of pine attacks predicted! While environmental experts in the area analyze a solution that wont upset the delicate balance of the irreplaceable rural ecosystems there, one start-up design company based in Vancouver is trying to make the best of a difficult situation.


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