Wearing a Suit Without a Tie: 15 Tips for Slipping the Noose

Theres no fashion accessory more ridiculous than a tie. As men, we walk around all day with an arrow that points directly to our crotch. Or, if we go with a bow tie, it points at our ears and nipples. On top of that, should we get into one of those manful brawls where we have to tune up some sucker for eyeballin us, or deal with an aggressive boss, weve just put a garrotte around our necks. Thats no way to live a life. We should be free to dump the tie and still wear our nattiest pinstripe without fear of looking a fool. When youre done wearing the collar of fashionable servitude, weve got 15 tips for wearing a suit without a tie and still looking damn dapper in the process.

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