Cointec Office by Dot Partners

Cointec Office is a minimal office space located in Alicante, Spain, designed by Dot Partners. The project for the new Cointec office is about the renovation of a commercial property across from the Parque Severo Ochoa. The space was presented raw, with only a metal structure built to support the mezzanine. The low-lying position of the local roads, and the fact that it is in a flood zone were decisive in the creation of an elevated level in the entry area that would serve as a protection against water runoff. The material aspect of the project is characterized by the use of a continuous concrete floor, which connects every room of the office and harmonizes with the brushed stainless steel frames of the partitions. The stone used to build the bench located in the hall is intended to create a contrast with the pavement and accentuates its uniqueness.


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