Liliputians: 19 Tiny Homes for Micro-Mansion Living

Bigger is no longer better in a world where the goal of all technology is to shrink down to pocket size. Tiny homes now offer the American dream, creating simpler, sustainable spaces that allow room for us all. Since the Great Recession of 2008, in which unconscionable banking practices in real estate drove the world into an economic tailspin, people have learned not to trust their mortgages, opting instead for more miniscule housing options that they can own outright for thousands, or even hundreds of dollars. These minimalist dream homes are cropping up more and more frequently, and as the market on contracted living spaces expands, more and more beauty, convenience, and luxury is being packed into each model. Look for yourself at this miniaturized wonderland of 19 tiny homes that shrink sumptuousness down to size.


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