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Loaded Dice by Screech Dragon Studios

Screech Dragon Studios, a game design company cofounded by John Hex Carter and Mat Nicholson, has successfully funded our first Kickstarter, Loaded Dice. Loaded Dice reinvents the concept of a drinking game with its specialty tabletop game drinkware, from a shot glass in lieu of a foursided dice to a pint glass twentysided dice. Players can chug their way to victory with a set of six unique glasses. The Kickstarter campaign successfully broke our goal of $10,000 after less than two weeks. The campaign will end on Thursday, October 6th. Carter said Loaded Dice is a way to seamlessly integrate drinking into tabletop roleplaying games. Most ideas Ive seen were just a pint glass representing hit points, with a fuller glass indicating a healthier character. That seems counterintuitive to me from a game design standpoint, Carter says. When you sit down to drink and game, why would you want to discourage the players from actually drinking? The company has already begun reaching out to geeky pubs and tabletop stores to resell the glasses.


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