Connectionary Project

I am inspired by small details of objects that are found in our day-to-day surrounding. I believe that we purchase items such as kitchen utensils, home design items, furniture and clothing due to the details that these items are made of, details that fascinate and attract us. In my eyes, my work as a designer is to decode these details and understand why we chose them, to do this; I created a sketchbook that became the foundation of my own design language. In this sketchbook I document the world around me, as I see it; swivels, hinges, links, and connections of objects. These details make up a dictionary consisting of the letters and words of my design language. The letters I design are made of gold, silver and a variety of gemstones, and can be manufactured many times industrially. My words have an additional material added to them, handmade porcelain, resulting in each creation to be a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry art, wearable art.


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