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Divided By Zero Watch

Divided By Zero are the first scientifically designed watches in history! Every little detail in design of the dial, watch construction and strap is researched and approved by the actual mathematicians, engineers and architects who helped the DBZ team to create the ultimate universal timepiece. The second series is live on Kickstarter now, introducing several pretty cool new features, such as reflective tone-changing surface, artifically aged coating and strap, multi-layered sandwich dial, hand carved case, unique square root second hand and a lot of other neat stuff. Check their campaign:The main feature of Divided By Zero watches is its design concept. We prefer neat minimal design, monochrome palette and the highest quality with an affordable price. And we're totally crazy about accuracy and precision! That's why we used the miraculous power of science - all of our concepts are based on the researches, strict recommendations and direct involvement of actual mathematicians, architects and engineers, who helped us to create ultimate design with perfection in every detail. Get yours here:


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