Loft Morada Sainz

The "Morada Sinz" is essentially an Authorial Space, it's design contains elements that inspire the couple of Architects; Eduardo Sinz and Lilian G Sinz. This is the first exhibition in Casa Cor, Braslia. The boutique studio 1:1 arquitetura:design created a 120 square meters of loft, aimed for people who loves the minimalist life style, surrounded by art and any reference of their own memories: "we created a space that works perfectly for us, a sample of the must important elements in our home, almost living inside an Art Gallery. Hating the word "Trend" bouth architects have unique style for design. Eduardo Sinz said how important are the client personal references for design any project, in this case; they own references. Lilian G. Sinz also comment about the space integration for this loft, the division have being made with curtains and even furniture, she says "we have made a place for people who enjoy freedom, and feel good with their own lifestyle. For this exhibition the architects have use as personal reference the grey colors, artwork, jazz and blues music played in they personal vinyl collection, authorial furniture. For the materials they have use wood for floor covering, for cabinets and cement for the walls. They have present a new tiles designed by their own studio; used in tables and artworks, also have present work of the awarded designers such as; Jader Almeida, Arthur Casas, Sergio Rodrigues, Estudio Bola, and the Valeria Pena-Costa art installation, everything is connected.


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