Shave More, Get More With The 14 Finest Safety Razors

To make our mugs feel truly comforted, as well as free of hair, we need all the right ingredients. That means a quality shaving cream, a good aftershave balm, exceptional moisturizers, and first of all a good razor bearing a quality blade. Youre not going to get that from disposable hunks, but from razors made for the old world, done in style, and loaded with blades that do a professional job of removing hair. You need a safety razor that is built to strip away stubble without harming your skin and give you a close, clean cut that isnt riddled with the choppy hack job you get from a disposable. This kind of wet shaving saves you money, saves waste, saves the planet, and saves your skin. So get one of the 14 best safety razors and give your grill the gift of true joy.


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