Throw The Controller: The 23 Hardest Popular Video Games

With Nintendo releasing their NES Classic Edition Mini and Famicom Mini, as well as potential tiny versions of classic consoles promised for the future, the world is looking back at the nostalgia of video game days gone by, brushing off their ancient consoles, downloading ROMs legally, of course for their Raspberry Pi consoles and computer emulators to enjoy some of that sweet 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit fun. While some of these games can be whipped in under 5 minutes, others are impossible BattleToads-grade juggernauts that demand near perfection from the player. So, for the true gamer who wishes to test their fragging metal against something more difficult than running riot over noobs in Call of Duty, may we humbly suggest trying one of the 23 most difficult video games ever made by human hands.


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