18 Strongest Beers For Tomorrows Problem Drinkers

Those of us who spend our days drinking rye right out of the bottle, or sipping on gin and juice can sometimes find beer a little too pedestrian for our tastes. Suds fine for cooling off on a hot day, but when you want to tie one on, youre often stuck going through IPA after wheat brew to almost no effect. That can drive up the calories with a quickness, and leaves you far too sober to tolerate that 4 at the bar. The solution is to go into your beer buzz with the same passion and dedication you should take to all of your imbibing endeavors: By doing the homework so you know what to put down that will taste passable, survive the sniff test, and help you get lit up like the 4th of July. When youre ready to move up to the major leagues, heres the strongest beers around that are also drinkably delicious

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