24 Most Listenable Video Game Soundtracks

Theres a world of music that many people never experience, because rather than being pumped out ad nauseum through whatever Top 40 station is recycling the hits of today, theyre being played in video games. As with films, sometimes the highest compliment a video games music can receive is that it went unnoticed. Because games are meant to be played and not heard, we can often overlook how effective the soundscape is in games, and how it helps set the scene, change the mood, and add a level of immersion to our experience that we never even think about. As our eyes and hands are engaged, so too are our ears, drawing us deeper into the digital realm by engaging a full other sense. Rather than listening to another whining Swiftian complaint ballad, do your auditory canals a favor and try out one of the 24 most gorgeous musical arrangements ever to grace game discs and cartridges.

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