Its Time To Arrive: How To Be Cool In 17 Simple Steps

Theres only one thing in life that matters, and thats being damn cool. Money, power, prestige, looks, clothes, language, and happiness are all window dressing we use to help us be cooler. Scarface was only partly right when he said when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women. Sure, but then you get cool. Heres how it shakes out: None of us need a double-breasted pinstripe suit. None of us need a supercar. We want them because theyre cool. Yet, they cannot make us cool. Like the adage goes: Dont let your clothes wear you. Being truly cool can be about appearing cool on the outside, but for true style, true grace, true serenity and aplomb, youve got to know how to use your own personal mojo, to channel your chi into something really smashing. Your style must come from within, and that means learning to exude cool without faking it: from the inside out. Heres 17 steps to get there. Your own personal Tao te Cool.


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