Jitter Bugs: 11 Exquisite Pour Over Coffee Makers for Caffeine Addicts

If you love coffee, you have to love pour over. The technique is simple and elegant, and the result is some of the finest tasting brew around. Energy efficient and easy to store, pour over coffee makers are great for filling your daily caffeine quota, or as a backup for use during power outages and camping trips. Pour over coffee was popularized by German housewife Melitta Bentz, when, on a whim, she invented the coffee filter. Her wild new brewing method quickly became a success, and Bentz went into business, selling her revolutionary pour over coffee makers at the 1909 Leipzig fair. Her husband and two sons became the first employees of the company then known as M. Bentz, and Melitta remained the guiding hand behind the business until her death in 1950.

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