Plia by Giancarlo Piretti for Castelli

"The Symbol of a new era focused on plastic". That's how Plia chair was presented in 1967 at the Fiera del Mobile in Milan. During the Fair, the Plia got so much acclaim from audiences that many visitors moved away from the stand with some samples without asking for permission... As a result of this unhorthodox compliment the chairs were tied with chains for safety. With the Plia chair the designer, Giancarlo Piretti, has revolutionized the concept of folding chair, and his study on the "three-disc hinge" is considered a stroke of genius. The combination of steel and polypropylene frame has paved the way for Plia which has become a cult object. Plia represents the realization of "democratic design" and it is nowadays exposed at the design sector of the MoMA in New York.


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