Rubika Bookcase

Anesis is a design manufacturer of a wide range of contemporary furniture, with a focus in the dining chair, based in Greece. Combining our experience with effort, we offer meaningful and sincere designs, striving for style, original perspectives and comfort. In fact, our name Anesis is the Greek word for comfort. George Bosnas is our main designer, who passionately creates original designs with a minimalist and artistic twist. He sees design as an interactive process with many layers, that ultimately try to connect to a piece of every person out there. Thus, he created Rubika, a wooden bookcase inspired by everyones favorite 80s toy, the Rubiks Cube. Rubika B601 adds some visual delight to a standard bookcase by giving it the look of a three-dimensional cube. The wooden bookcase is designed to exhibit the home items you are most fond of and at the same time to get things organised.


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