Hydropower plant Cill

The building is designed so that the insertion into the surrounding natural landscape is realistic, both from an aesthetic point of view (for what it represents, or for that which is inspired), and from the natural credibility, thinking to an object that actually could had been in that place and in that position, but remains particular. The type could represent a form of mimicry but it would not want to be rhetorical or more precisely would not be foregone, or expected, and therefore silent, but rather realistic in the surrounding natural environment and singular, unusual and thereby expressive. Not ornaments were added, aiming to that is the same shape of the building to be useful together for the purpose for which it is designed and eloquent from the aesthetic point of view. The glazed openings, one on the entrance face, the other on the opposite side, recessed into the thickness of the concrete masonry, reproduce the perimeter of the boulder putting in evidence the edges, as if it were concave surfaces excavated by water. Of these, the window beside the front door, was meant to be reached by the external visitor so that he can observe the interior, at least in part, and understand what it was built in its territory and to be a partaker of small mutation of the landscape. The dark volume was produced with colored concrete mix. All concrete castings are waterproof and at the casting separation were placed waterstop joints so that the structure is completely waterproof. Designer and Work Director: Ing. David Marchiori david.marchiori@gmail.com

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