How to Improve Happiness in the Office

When morale in the office starts to drop, motivation and productivity tend to drop with it, and this can encourage employees to look for work elsewhere. Thats why its so important to keep your staff happy and to ensure they feel valued and appreciated. With that in mind, take a look below at some of the ways you can improve the level of happiness in the office. Have a Quick Morning Meeting If you have a quick get together in the mornings, it helps ensure that everyone and knows what's going on with the business, as well as reinforcing the team spirit. It gives employees the chance to talk about any problems they may have and to share what theyve achieved or progress that has been made so that everyone feels involved and part of the bigger picture. Play Music in The Office Music is something which is associated with creating a good atmosphere, so utilising it in the workplace is a great idea. Rather than having a radio station playing repetitively, a great idea can be to create a playlist from scratch and encourage each employee to choose a number of songs to go on it. By creating a varied playlist which includes music to meet everyones taste, you can really help to improve the level of productivity in the office. Work/Family Events If you have the time and resources available, putting on events where employees can bring along their family is a great idea. These are best to take place outside the office as they give everyone a chance to enjoy each other's company out of a work environment, which can have the knock-on effect of increasing morale inside the workplace too. It can be something as simple as a mini-festival, with a little buffet, family games and some live music. You could even use Tyvek wristbands so everyone has something to remember it by. Early Finish On Fridays Many people live for the weekend, its the small proportion of the week where people see it as an opportunity to let their hair down and be themselves. Naturally, by the time you reach Friday afternoon, productivity starts to drop off and employees begin to think about what they are going to be doing for the next couple of days. Therefore, by allowing staff to finish early on the Friday it can be a great way to benefit the company as well as being a great way to improve the level of happiness in the office.


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