Professional Microfiber Mop System

Microfiber Wholesales Microfiber Mop System gives you everything you need to start mopping your home or office. The kit includes a sturdy 16 Angle Microfiber Mop Tool, a Mojave Microfiber Dust Mop and two 18 Microfiber Wet Mop Pads. The kit is perfect for people with hardwood floors who want a fast, easy and effective way to keep their floors looking great. Start off with the dust mop pad to pick up dirt and debris then switch to a microfiber wet mop pad to get a deeper clean. The wet mop pad can be dampened with just warm water for a 100% green way to clean your floors, or you can add a chemical cleaner if you feel like disinfecting is needed. See what people had to say about our microfiber mop system: "I am so disappointed in the fact that I did not find this product sooner. I LOVE how clean my floors have been since using the microfiber mop system. I do find it more convenient to sweep my floors with a regular broom to get up all the big debris before using the dust mop but I see a tremendous difference from just using a regular broom/mop. I have two young children, a dog, and a cat so you can imagine how difficult it can be to keep my floors clean. The dust mop picks up all the pet hair and anything that my regular broom missed. The microfiber mop (which I was sent two in addition to the dust mop which I am so grateful for!) is easy to use and wash which I love. It cleans well even for heavier stains. I love that the company stands by their product." "A very sturdy mop. Nice and large easy to handle. I can mop all my hardwood floors quickly. Good price for a high quality mop!" "Love, love this mop! It used to take me 20-30 minutes to mop our hardwood floors with the swiffer. With this mop, I was done in less than 7 minutes. It glides easily on the hardwood floors-and ours are not smooth and have lots of texture."


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