The Key Flower and Plant Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

When it comes to flowers and plants, there is no doubt that some of the traditional favourites that we love to grow such as the columbine or the bellflower. However, each year new plant varieties and concepts are created by breeders and this year there were some truly breathtaking trends which we can look forward to seeing in 2017. Season Extender We are officially in a time where new and exciting concepts are being created, and it now seems that breeders are creating new varieties of beautiful plants which aim to prolong your gardening season taking it from the summer into the fall. The main plants to fall into his category were the Coleus, Ipomoea, Lantana, and the Verbena. All of these plants have been altered so that they are able to withstand the climate they are in for a longer duration and look even better at the same time! Small Space Gardening Going into 2017, there are also some trends for the people who enjoy growing their own edibles, which came from the desire to solve issues with gardeners having to grow plants in one container because of limited space. Most notable were the combinations of tomatoes being grown together, such as the cherry tomatoes being planted with the larger varieties. The other was seeing mixes of lettuce and herbs being grown together with cucumbers, herbs and lettuce being grown in a singular hanging basket. Combinations One thing certain about 2017 is that there will certainly be some more beautiful container combination plants to choose from next year. There are some truly spectacular combinations on display most notable was the Night Watch which includes the Bidens Namid Special Yellow, Petunia Starlet Velvet and Verbena Blues Red. The other big trend which will be seen in this area is the addition of perennials to these combinations, which will certainly be more difficult because of the requirement of the bloom times needing to work together but if managed, this can look like a lovely combination. Addition of Colour As demonstrated through the flowers used in the combinations, 2017 shows that bright and bold colours are making a comeback. This was seen with the yellow, cherry and fire Double Zahara Brilliant Zinnia Mixture. Along with new red, pink and blue (the Lucky Red Lantana and ColourRush Petunias) flowers that will look astounding. Author Bio Ryan Duffy is a freelance writer who is a recent university graduate in Media Studies. His passion for people and writing has encouraged him to pursue this career full-time. Working on behalf of Desser & Co, he enjoys writing about home improvement and gardening subjects and this is where most of his work has taken him.


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