Why you need to try Sports Luxe in 2017

We really never thought that we would see the day when jogging bottoms would be acceptable to wear beyond out bedrooms or the gym never mind accepted as high fashion. But, alas, the time has come. A quick scroll through Instagram will quickly reveal some of the most fashionable names in the industry re-purposing sportswear for every occasion, from the office to a night club! Don't think this laid back look is confined to just one sex either, both men and women have been embracing this trend! It's not heard to see why. It offers unprecedented levels of comfort and style. So let's find out a little bit more about Sports Luxe The name kind of gives it one away. Also known as Athleisure, this trend is built around the concept that the clothes we wear can be comfortable, while also being luxurious. It's all about sportswear moving away from oversized, unflattering and unattractive slob-wear, and moving into tailored, smart items made out of luxury materials and textures. It's not as simple as buying some skinny joggers and a new pair of trainers, sadly. Sports Luxe can quickly fall into the realm of simple gym wear if you're not attentive to the details. Balance is key. While you should try and pay attention to what works for your body shape and your lifestyle, don't be scared by this trend. Top tips: If you're hoping to ditch your stuffy suit trousers, it's time to try out the skinny jogger! You may think we've all lost it, but trust us! You can find luxury skinny jogging bottoms that will blend in seamlessly with your office wardrobe we promise! The tapered leg that sports luxe versions have will have been crafted to create a balanced look with a less prominent cuff. This means they will literally go unnoticed in the office and you'll be super comfortable! Team it with a classic white bomber jacket and a smart long sleeved T-shirt to perfect the look. If you're of the fairer sex, a wonderful option for you is to look to ladies of the past. Vintage sportswear is slowly starting to gain traction as a dressier option and 2017 fashion forecasts are all over this look. Team a classic pair of the aforementioned skinny joggers with a vintage sports t-shirt, some killer heels and a designer clutch for a dreamy sports luxe statement outfit. Other popular options for include heavy, satin bomber jackets and couture trainers. Have we sold the look to you? Wed love to see you trying out the Athleisure trend so send in your fave looks!

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