21 Tools Every Shadetree Mechanic Should Have On Hand

When it comes to pure bliss, little can rival wrenching on your ride. Build a vintage piece from the ground up, keep your family sedan running like an untamed stallion, tweak the horsepower on your import bike, or mod out your friends car, youll find the satisfaction of getting your hands dirty on your rig is DIY heaven. Unless youre using cheap, inferior tools to do it. Then there is scant little under the sun that is half as frustrating as trying to get that project piece to turn over. The saying goes that it is a poor workman who blames his tools, but since its just you and the ratchet in the garage, its obvious that bastard is to blame. A tough job is infinitely easier with the proper gear, and when youre working out of a home, theres no such thing as an easy job. The good news is that you can upgrade and outfit any driveway, car port, or fixin bay with a few items that will add infinite ease to the next oil change, alternator swap, or tranny drop youve got on the agenda.

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